Orleans Street

by Post Nothing

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Within the last year, I (Jed) came out very openly as pansexual. I'm a huge supporter of making the music scene (and particularly hardcore) more inclusive to queer, POC, trans, etc. people, so we wrote this song that tackles something very near and dear to my heart. Namely, ending BI ERASURE. This is something many people don't know by name, but a lot of bi and pan people experience on a daily basis.

"Men aren't bi; they just have one foot in the closet. They're really gay."
"Women aren't bi; they're just going through a phase."
"He's dating a trans woman; that dude's gay as fuck."
"She's dating someone who identifies as WHAT? There's only two genders, you know."

And on and on. So here today, we fight rape culture AND ignorance with a fast, fun hardcore song that will also be on our split with In Decline, which will be out on MARCH 3.

The title is inspired by the AMAZING people of Planting Peace, whose Equality House is located on Orleans Street in Topeka, KS. And just like I would tell you if you were right in front of me: make a pilgrimage to pay your respects to that house sometime. Donate to them as well.

All proceeds for this brand new song go toward avoicefortheinnocent.org.

This is for all the bi and pan people out there. I see you. I love you.

You can't straighten me out.


released February 16, 2017



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