by Post Nothing

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Recorded May 2016 at Clubhouse Studios.


released June 9, 2016

Jed Bookout - Vocals
Hans Cruz - Guitar
Matt Fullove - Drums
Damian Melara - Bass

Engineered and mastered by Joe Small.
Track 3 "L'Atalante" sample taken from a Public Domain database



all rights reserved


Post Nothing Los Angeles, California

Rock and/or Roll

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Track Name: La Dolce Vita
cut down the family trees: we've got a bulldozer and a bad idea to pave this land, make some roads, build some overpriced condos. "they can pave the roads but they'll never tear these roots from the fucking earth!" the million dollar villa overlooking the river was built over my brother's bones. "over my dead body!" he screamed. i never thought they'd take him serious, and now he's just a ghost. and this tower they built he'll haunt, so on the blood of my brother's body they'll choke.
Track Name: Bride and Gloom
all that glimmers is old: you're cold to progression, you have this obsession where nothing will stay gold, but you're a concept in context, a trainwreck in practice. this isn't a frank capra movie: life isn't wonderful, we're better without you. the best part about it is i'm sure that you'll doubt it, but i'm not gonna say your name so fuck it. you use sadness as a gateway drug to a life you see better fit living. nobody will love you but you, nobody will know a goddamn thing. how's it gonna end?
Track Name: This Suit Needs More Flasks
i've got this nagging feeling i'll be dead by 29: Jean Vigo without the masterpiece. my heart stopped beating when i quit reading anything other than headlines, coulda been a contender, now i'm just a bum. spent too much time trying to find all the best rhymes, instead of making meaningful art. broadway rhythm: i've got this: everybody dance. maybe i am constantly revolving between the nagging feeling i'll soon be dead and the reality i won't be mourned. pop culture, uncultured, the starving artist becomes the consumer. no longer hungry, now i'm consumed.
Track Name: Kill is Kiss
they're trying to fan the flames of the smear campaign, a scream to silence decency to "put us in our place." their claim that compassion's a four letter word is the best tall tale that i've ever heard. "social justice warriors," they sneer with derision. there's no talking sense, they've made their decision. but if women are monsters and words are just words, IT'S ALL IN GOOD FUN, AM I RIGHT? fan the flames of the smear campaign. we're not afraid of fear mongering. fan the flames of the smear campaign. it's our agenda to spread more misinformation, so fan the flames.