In Decline & Post Nothing Split EP

by Post Nothing

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released March 3, 2017

Jed Bookout - Vocals
Hans Cruz - Guitars
Matt Fullove - Drums

Riley Thornbrugh - Bass/Live Vocals

Engineered by Joe Small at Clubhouse Studios.

Guest Vocals on "Party Wolves" by Charley Warr of In Decline
Guest Shred on "Maybe Everyone's A Little Bit Ugly" by Joe Small of In Decline
Gang Vocals on "Orleans Street" by The Antelope Valley Hardcore Tabernacle Choir.



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Post Nothing Los Angeles, California

Rock and/or Roll

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Track Name: Party Wolves
everyone in this room is a facsimile of someone else i've met before; a reminder of who i was, someone i've fucked, someone i've tucked into bed. someone i've took for granted: everyone reminds me of that special someone. everyone reminds me of everyone reminds me of everyone. i'm sorry i didn't call you back. right. we took a long drive out on a warm spring day, we kiss, we smile, and then i stay. it's a glass half full and i'm all empty, this is not romance, this is not romance. no one will love you the way you loved me.
Track Name: Use Your Illusion III
if all is fair in love and war: then neither matters to me anymore, sweep the floor of the message. because both are obsessions and neither rings to the core. and liberty is just another way to measure how much better we're doing than everyone else. leave the boy, win the war, kill the ploy, such a bore. we're reinventing the wheel just to transport our guns to far-away lands and we're making a deal to separate our lovers to more capable hands.
Track Name: Orleans Street
when i sang along to LIMP WRIST, i meant every word that i said: i like boys hardcore, i screamed, and i'll scream it till i'm dead. like KATY PERRY, i kiss girls, oh yeah, i fucking like it. and it felt so wrong, it felt so right, i hope my boyfriend don't mind. you can't straighten me out. here's the truth: i love everyone, but the truth is a loaded gun. because either gay or straight, with love or hate, you say i can't be both? just one? fuck that. you can't straighten me out.
Track Name: Maybe Everyone's A Little Bit Ugly
she smiles and i feel nothing: not a spark not a butterfly. just a faint reminder that i've been here before. isn't she lovely? everything i ever wanted. isn't she perfect? a sunny day wrapped into a person. but i'm not sure why, i'm not sure if i like the light. and i'm not sure why i do this to myself. yet she says all the right words, but i'm doing all the wrong things. i'm such a fucking mess.